Mario Fasold

This is my personal website. It contains pointers to some of my activities and interests inasmuch they are availabe in the interwebs. Im am interested in software, engineering management, genomics, bio-data science and business growth.


My research focuses on the fields of computational biology and genomics.

Scientific software and web services

I developed or participated in the development of several bioinformatics tools.


I co-founded the following startups.

# Name Activity Time Exit
1 Concept Two EDM event organisation 1998-2002 Discontinued, lost interest
2 Coomoco Mind-Map Creation SaaS 2004-2005 Stopped, as competition was faster
3 Music2Mail Music release notification SaaS 2005-2009 Phased out, since ARPU was much lower than expected
4 ecSeq Bioinformatics Bioinformatics training and services 2014-current Ongoing
5 Seamless NGS Biomedical data analysis software 2016-2017 Merged with ecSeq Bioinformatics

Streams and profiles

Currently, I do not blog.


I like sports, traveling, photography and more.


If you wish to contact me, please use the email What's in it?. Occasionally, emails from unknown senders get automatically marked as spam. You can prevent this by inserting "#nospam#" to the subject.