About me

I am interested in bioinformatics, software engineering management, genomics data science and entrepreneurship.

💡 Research publications

My research focuses on the fields of computational biology and genomics.

🧬 Scientific software and web services

I developed or participated in the development of several bioinformatics tools.

  • DARIO - a web server for the analysis of short RNAs from high throughput sequencing data
  • AffyRNADegradation R Package - analyze and correct probe positional bias in microarray data due to RNA degradation
  • Larpack - Hook analysis of GeneChip microarrays
  • Github Page - Provding the source for these and other software

🚀 Entrepreneurship

I co-founded the following startups.

1Concept TwoEDM event organisation1998-2002Discontinued, lost interest
2CoomocoMind-Mapping SaaS2004-2005Stopped, as competition was faster
3Music2MailMusic release notification SaaS2005-2009Phased out, since ARPU was much lower than expected
4ecSeq BioinformaticsBioinformatics training and services2014-currentOngoing
5Seamless NGSBiomedical data analysis software2016-2017Merged with ecSeq Bioinformatics

🎏 Streams and profiles

🥏 Hobbies

I like sports, in particular Ultimate Frisbee and Cycle Cross Biking, traveling, photography and more.

📪 Contact

If you wish to contact me, please use What's in it?. You may try inserting “#nospam#” to the subject.